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Rachel Berry ★

Being a part of something special makes you special.

♫ Theatricality.
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50 [Video]
♪ Listen to me when I say.
[Rachel is holding a notepad close to her chest, looking somewhat somber. She's outside, in the ashy snow, with her dog at her side, by a tree that is half burnt and broken, twisted by the event. When she speakss, her voice is quiet.]

I have heard a lot of discontent over what has happened -- and people have every right to be angry with Mister Mandrake and Miss Hino -- but I think our real focus should not be on punishing two people who made a mistake and instead should be focused on the reality that we are going to run out of food before the next snowstorm of the season. Which is why I've organized three food drop-off points within the city in some of the stable buildings that are still standing. I would like to transform two of these buildings into a shelter and while I have heard Miss Hino has already opened the Temple of Heaven to those that need it, I would also like to point out that St. Basil's Cathedral is large and able to house a lot of people.

[She pauses before looking down at her pad.]

I've set up massive crates at the Temple of Heaven, St. Basil's Cathedral, and at the fountain in the Safezone. These crates are for any canned, jarred, or non-perishable food that can be spared for the people that have lost anything. I will collect whatever food is there three times a day, to be delivered at the closest area of need, but most of the collection will be going to either Miss Unohana's clinic or the two abovementioned buildings. I am going to rely on the honor system that no one will steal from these crates, but should people do so, please keep in mind that there are over one hundred people in this city that require food just as much as you do.

Any donations of blankets, clothes, and other materials needed that were lost in the fire are also appreciated. Please leave those in the crates, too -- I will ensure they are taken to the shelters and safehouses scattered around the city. And --

[Rachel chews on her lower lip.]

I know this is a very difficult time and a lot of people don't... necessarily believe in this, but I am going to St. Basil's Cathedral tonight at seven o'clock, should anyone else want to pray with me. Everyone is invited and -- for future reference --

[And Rachel sends the coordinates to The Temple of Heaven, the fountain, St Basil's Cathedral, and Unohana's clinic in a text attachment to everyone on the network.]

-- there's where you have to go.

Thank you.

[And Rachel shuts off the feed.]

49 [Video] After Raphael's death.
♪ I can't take one more step.
[Text Sent To Network ; Attachment: Oh Holy Night]

[It's snowing. And Rachel is outside, clad in a green dress, with a red long jacket over it, complete with a green beret, readying a microphone outside of the theatre. It appears she's connected it to a speaker, which is connected to the sound system inside the theatre -- and the PCD is position directly on her, as Rachel wraps her hands around the microphone, to take a deep breath. It resonates, through the speaker, and through the network.]

It is now Christmas.

[It's quiet, and her voice echoes as she speaks into the microphone.]

I don't personally celebrate it, but as most of the individuals within the city are most familiar with the commercialized version of the holiday, I thought I would offer something of a prayer in song concerning what the holiday is supposed to be about -- so... I hope you enjoy it. And I sent a text message to all of you, with the lyrics, should you want to sing along. I would not mind the accompaniment.

[And Rachel turns slightly to press a button on a boombox that is situated on top of the speaker. There is a silence before the instrumental of the famous song begins to play, scratchy at first, before it becomes clear -- and then, Rachel takes another deep breath before she begins to sing.]

cut for song expositionCollapse )

[Filtered to the angels // Private // Unhackable]Collapse )

48 [Video]
❥ You say all the right things.
[The PCD is now granted to Jesse and Rachel sitting in the theatre that looks like Christmas has arrived early. Tinsel and ornaments and everything Rachel has hoarded for the past... well, since she got here, really, is in piles around them. And Rachel seems to just be finishing a muttered warning of ‘Behave yourself’ to Jesse before she begins to speak.]

Good evening, Adstringendum! We’re looking for volunteers to decorate.

[And Rachel elbows Jesse lightly to continue.]

Preferably those with actual skill, taste and with a normal, sane personality. But this being nearly impossible to find - at least two of the three.

[ And then he mutters to Rachel ‘are you sure about this?’

Rachel’s smile, in response, only becomes tighter, while she works to perform necessary damage control. After shooting Jesse a look that clearly says ‘Yes, I am sure’, she fluffs a stack of papers in her lap. ]

I have already drafted up a list of individuals to designate to specific tastes, which includes decoration, set design, costumes, the ability to chop down a tree, and ornament creation. We would also like to know whether or not individuals who have the ability to sing would like to participate in our holiday extravaganza. Our fellow glee club members, of course, will attend, but I wish for everyone to be involved, not just those of pre-determined talent.

[ Jesse, in response, looks like he might be considering his girlfriend’s sanity, after all. ]

There will be at least one audition though, to make sure we will not sing carols along to Rebecca Black’s voice, or worse, Faith Hill’s ----

What Jesse means to say is that we will be equal opportunity to all individuals who wish to take part in this holy time.

[Keep on smiling, Rachel. Just keep on smiling.]

What - That’s not what I -

[But then he sees Rachel’s expression and well, she can get scary ok? He just gives a small eye roll and then nods. But not without muttering something about ‘they’ll probably be drowned in our awesome vocals anyway’.

And Rachel, for that comment, elbows him lightly, before refocusing her attention on the camera.]

Now! Remember! Everyone deserves a chance to shine! I expect plenty of volunteers and if you do not volunteer, I will certainly come find you. The holiday season is about giving and sharing, not being lazy.

[And she flashes a grin.]

Have at it!

47 [Video]
♪ Not such an only child.

[Guess who is in her own body and guess who is busy opening up a worn crate clearly labeled Holiday in her theatre? This girl! And she's tugging a long well-loved coil of tinsel out of the box with a flourish and a smile, draping it across the piano almost lovingly as she smiles brightly toward the camera.]

I know the event is currently in affect and many of you will not be able to see me through your own eyes until at least Saturday, but I wanted to allow you all the opportunity to save the date for December the twenty-fourth, because I -- and my fellow Glee club denizens -- are going to put on a Christmas concert in the theatre.

[And Rachel tugs out a Santa hat with a pleased look.]

I suppose I should clarify -- a holiday concert, as Noah and I certainly intend on exhibiting the very best of the Jewish faith during the week, as this year, according to my calculations, Hanukkah and Christmas fall during the same week! As does my birthday.

[Hint hint. 8|]

So -- to those who wish to attend, I will be planning food, and beverages, and mistletoe, and -- well, provided there is no event, that is, but even if there is, barring that it does not turn us all into mindless drones, I expect all of you to be there.

[And Rachel pulls on the hat, tossing the PCD a look.]

All of you.

[And the feed shuts off, but around five minutes later, another message is sent out!]

[Filtered to the Glee club kids // Private // Unhackable]Collapse )

[Filtered to Quinn // Private // Unhackable]Collapse )

46 [Accidental Video]
♪ I dreamed that love would never die.
[Rachel is lying on her bed, one hand hanging off of the edge to rest on the head of her dog, staring at the ceiling with half-closed eyes. She's wearing shorts, and a tee-shirt, and worn sneakers -- she looks as if she might've just gone running. On top of that, Rachel looks exhausted, and her breathing is slow and even, as if she's drifting off to sleep.

She doesn't, though, and speaks quietly to the dog, though she doesn't look away from the ceiling.]

... maybe going for another run will help staying asleep.

[It's quiet, and absent, as her eyes drift fully closed, though her fingers gently scratch the dog's head as she stays awake. She's silent for a long moment before she draws in an even breath, before singing lazily to herself, to no one in particular.]

There is a castle on a cloud...I like to go there in my sleep...aren't any floors for me to sweep...not in my castle on a cloud. There is a room that's full of toys...there are a hundred boys and girls... nobody shouts or talks too loud...not in my castle on a cloud...

[Evita pushes herself up to rest her head on the end of the bed, but Rachel doesn't notice, letting the dog move her hand, as she continues to sing quietly to herself, though her voice is growing softer, as she's drifting off to sleep.]

There is a lady all in white, holds me and sings a lullaby... she's nice to see and she's soft to touch...she says "Cosette, I love you very much."

[Evita whines softly and Rachel gently smooths down her fur before the last trailing notes of the song die off into a murmur.]

Wake me up when the event stops, Evita.

ooc; Responses will be when she wakes up, which will probably be in a couple of hours. Nightmares suck, bro.

45 [Voice]
★ And still I dream she'll come for me.
To anyone that has ever died --

[It's quiet, and Rachel pauses, noticeably.]

-- is there a way of getting what you lost back?

44 [Accidental Video]
♪ What's the difference if I say?
[She's died. She's terrified of wandering Adstringendum alone and can't work up the nerve to go to her theatre after what happened there. She has yet to figure out what her death price is. Anna is gone from Adstringendum. And Rachel, who spends every waking moment of her time singing whenever things gets too much, isn't allowed to sing.

Luckily, she can dance. Which is exactly what she is doing, when the feed clicks on -- Rachel is at the dojo, in a corner of it, dressed in exercise clothing, sweating profusely as the music to one of the only working casettes she has working blasts out of the old boombox she has rigged into working. The choreography Rachel is using is directly from the original video and she is putting everything she has into replicating one of the most famous pieces of dancing in the history of music. After all, this is reportedly the best album of all time -- Rachel should do it justice.

But when she spins, she spins a little too quickly, and her feet catch together and, to her horror, Rachel falls squarely, yelping as she lands on her behind. She's still for a moment -- and the Van Halen solo kicks in -- and suddenly, Rachel darts to her feet and moves to a cloth dummy in the corner, and she begins punching it. As hard as she can, repeatedly, and she nearly knocks it over in her rush to pulverize the living hell out of the sparring dummy, perfectly in time to the bass of Michael Jackson's hit, before she punches it one last final time to send it to the floor with a dusty crash and a cough. But that isn't enough -- she kicks it hard enough to send it rolling into the wall, which shakes the PCD into shutting off.]

43 [Accidental Video]
♪ Here I am.
[Rachel is in the kitchen, chopping up apples to put them into a pie. She has a look of great concentration on her face as she tips the apples and cinnamon and nutmeg into the pie crust, which is already at her right. When she's done filling the pie, she gently rolls out the upper crust, before Rachel does something she hasn't done since her death -- sing. It's soft, gentle, and entirely absent, but it's there.]

It's been a long time since I came around... been a long time, but I'm back in town -- and this time I'm not leaving without you...

[Her fingers pause, in pinching the crust closed, and one hand immediately flies to her throat, startled -- before she sings a little bit louder. It's hesitant, and a little out of practice, and Rachel doesn't sing to her true strength, but it's still on key.]

You taste like whiskey when you kiss me, oh, I'd give anything again to be your babydoll...this time I'm not leaving without you...

[Her fingers move away from her throat to continue making the pie crust, but she keeps singing to herself, quietly, but with the tiniest smile on her lips. By the time she' s finished with the song, the pie is finished, and she turns neatly to slide the pie into the oven. When she's done with that, Rachel turns again, to grab at her PCD, unaware that it's recording.]

[Filtered to the Glee kids // Private // Unhackable]Collapse )

[Filtered to Hanna Marin // Private // Unhackable]Collapse )

42 [Accidental Video] Forwarded to early evening.
♪ 'cause you had a bad day.
[Rachel is pale, lifeless, and covered up to her throat with a blanket in the clinic. The feed continues that way for a couple of minutes until -- there is the slightest amount of movement. Her chest, moving up and down, in slow, ragged, painful breaths -- and then Rachel's eyes flicker open, dull and confused --

-- and then she begins to panic.]

Where --

[But the word is stifled with a gasp of pain and Rachel's hand moves stiffly to her throat, tears rolling down her cheeks as she begins to feel underneath the blanket, which slips away to reveal heavy bruising and burns.]

I... I can't, my --

[She tries to push herself up, but it doesn't really work, and instead she falls back against her pillow with a hiss, her fingers digging into the sheets in an effort to try again.

Being in the clinic means she died.

She doesn't want to be in the clinic.]

ooc; Ballroom style if you want to come see her! Offlines are welcomed and encouraged.