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45 [Voice]
★ And still I dream she'll come for me.
To anyone that has ever died --

[It's quiet, and Rachel pauses, noticeably.]

-- is there a way of getting what you lost back?

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[Oh, new person. Rachel hesitates, for a moment, before -- ]

... I can't remember my mom.

[--and that actually makes him pause.]

They just took those memories from you?

As far as I know, you can't.


Have you written about her in a journal, here?

[She's sitting in her room, legs crossed underneath her, as she cradles a cup in her hands. It's a goblet, with rhinestones on it, and a gold star, with her name written in it. A tiny inscription on the bottom. From Shelby.]

... yes. I got this from the Animus for Christmas. It was from her. And -- I heard her voice, during the event where the songs followed us.

[It's quiet, almost numbed.]

I wanted to meet her my entire life and now I can't remember what she looks like.

She probably looks like you. -=A tiny smirk there.=-

Your mother was your death price?

[Despite the smallness and pettiness of this, of her, of this place- something about it strikes her as wrong. Rachel did nothing to warrant such a theft, nor does it gain the Animus anything, so far as she knows.]

I'm told I've met her, but I don't remember it.

[She's keeping herself distracted and trying not to sound too disheartened. Out of all the prices, it could have been so much worse -- but she's wanted nothing more than to know her mother. And the Animus took it away.]

Do you think that you had a relationship with her, or was it one meeting?

... not that I've found.

What... what did you lose?

[She's playing with the cup she got for Christmas. A gift from Shelby.]

I can't remember my mom.

[A hard wince. He knows firsthand what that's like.]

... I'm so sorry.

That must have been difficult.

[A pause.]

How did it happen?

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