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46 [Accidental Video]
♪ I dreamed that love would never die.
[Rachel is lying on her bed, one hand hanging off of the edge to rest on the head of her dog, staring at the ceiling with half-closed eyes. She's wearing shorts, and a tee-shirt, and worn sneakers -- she looks as if she might've just gone running. On top of that, Rachel looks exhausted, and her breathing is slow and even, as if she's drifting off to sleep.

She doesn't, though, and speaks quietly to the dog, though she doesn't look away from the ceiling.]

... maybe going for another run will help staying asleep.

[It's quiet, and absent, as her eyes drift fully closed, though her fingers gently scratch the dog's head as she stays awake. She's silent for a long moment before she draws in an even breath, before singing lazily to herself, to no one in particular.]

There is a castle on a cloud...I like to go there in my sleep...aren't any floors for me to sweep...not in my castle on a cloud. There is a room that's full of toys...there are a hundred boys and girls... nobody shouts or talks too loud...not in my castle on a cloud...

[Evita pushes herself up to rest her head on the end of the bed, but Rachel doesn't notice, letting the dog move her hand, as she continues to sing quietly to herself, though her voice is growing softer, as she's drifting off to sleep.]

There is a lady all in white, holds me and sings a lullaby... she's nice to see and she's soft to touch...she says "Cosette, I love you very much."

[Evita whines softly and Rachel gently smooths down her fur before the last trailing notes of the song die off into a murmur.]

Wake me up when the event stops, Evita.

ooc; Responses will be when she wakes up, which will probably be in a couple of hours. Nightmares suck, bro.

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(Deleted comment)
[She sounds half asleep, but pleased, when she finally answers.]

It's from Les Miserables.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
The event will be over soon.

-=Yep. He looks like death warmed over.=-

[Her hair is kind of everywhere when she finally answers, and she looks still sleepy, but she's coherent, now, at least.]

Another hour or so, I think.

Yeah, something like that.

video/private/unhackable; the next morning

[Rachel is literally the only person she has talked to all week. She's in a dank... hole somewhere, or what looks like it. A pretty appallingly shitty and run-down place, by the looks of what little background can be seen. Raphael actually looks exhausted, with charming face-rot creeping in at her hairline and along one side of her jaw.]

You should not want to stay asleep.


[Rachel looks much brighter -- she passed out again once she realized the event was officially over -- but her smile quickly vanishes at the signs of... decay.

It reminds her forcefully of Lucifer.]

I -- ... not sleeping isn't healthy.

[It's said somewhat weakly, and Rachel quickly touches her own face.]

Raphael, what -- ?


[Raphael hasn't moved from that spot since the day before. Logically she knows the event must be over, but she doesn't want to trust it. Trust is foolish.]

My vessel, Rachel. She is decaying.

I hate when I forget which journal I'm in XD

[Juliet is finally starting to wind down for the day when she catches this on her PCD.]

As always, your song is lovely, Rachel. Would that everyone's dreams were as nice as the little girl who narrates the song.

FFFF happens to me all the time.

[Rachel smiles somewhat sleepily when she looks up, having woken up from her brief nap.]

She's singing about her mother.

[SLEEPY RACHEL ALERT. But she sounds a little more alert at his voice.]


Yeah. I had some coffee and stuff a couple hours ago.

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