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50 [Video]
♪ Listen to me when I say.
[Rachel is holding a notepad close to her chest, looking somewhat somber. She's outside, in the ashy snow, with her dog at her side, by a tree that is half burnt and broken, twisted by the event. When she speakss, her voice is quiet.]

I have heard a lot of discontent over what has happened -- and people have every right to be angry with Mister Mandrake and Miss Hino -- but I think our real focus should not be on punishing two people who made a mistake and instead should be focused on the reality that we are going to run out of food before the next snowstorm of the season. Which is why I've organized three food drop-off points within the city in some of the stable buildings that are still standing. I would like to transform two of these buildings into a shelter and while I have heard Miss Hino has already opened the Temple of Heaven to those that need it, I would also like to point out that St. Basil's Cathedral is large and able to house a lot of people.

[She pauses before looking down at her pad.]

I've set up massive crates at the Temple of Heaven, St. Basil's Cathedral, and at the fountain in the Safezone. These crates are for any canned, jarred, or non-perishable food that can be spared for the people that have lost anything. I will collect whatever food is there three times a day, to be delivered at the closest area of need, but most of the collection will be going to either Miss Unohana's clinic or the two abovementioned buildings. I am going to rely on the honor system that no one will steal from these crates, but should people do so, please keep in mind that there are over one hundred people in this city that require food just as much as you do.

Any donations of blankets, clothes, and other materials needed that were lost in the fire are also appreciated. Please leave those in the crates, too -- I will ensure they are taken to the shelters and safehouses scattered around the city. And --

[Rachel chews on her lower lip.]

I know this is a very difficult time and a lot of people don't... necessarily believe in this, but I am going to St. Basil's Cathedral tonight at seven o'clock, should anyone else want to pray with me. Everyone is invited and -- for future reference --

[And Rachel sends the coordinates to The Temple of Heaven, the fountain, St Basil's Cathedral, and Unohana's clinic in a text attachment to everyone on the network.]

-- there's where you have to go.

Thank you.

[And Rachel shuts off the feed.]


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