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Being a part of something special makes you special.

41 [Video]
♪ She's got me like nobody.

[Have a cheerful Rachel Berry on your screen. She's sitting on the steps of Solve, because even though it's a little late, it's a nice night out, and Rachel loves the fall. She loves winter best -- but, well, her birthday is in December, so that makes some amount of sense. Her dog, Evita, has her head on her lap, watching Rachel plantively. The teenage pats the dog between the ears, pausing for a moment before clearing her throat.]

So, through some quick calculations, I would like to announce that Rosh Hashanah is next week, from September 28th to September 30th. Barring there are no extraordinarily trying events, I would like to organize a festival of sorts to those that observe it -- or to those who wish to celebrate with me, as... I don't think there are very many Jewish people here.

[She frowns to herself faintly, at the thought, before quickly plowing forward.]

It's the celebration of creation -- which, really, anyone can observe, but it's really for those who feel a connection to God. Which is what it's about -- the connection between God and humanity. And -- well, so I suppose not everyone can celebrate it, seeing as we have some atheists in the crowd, but -- regardless! I would love it if some people could celebrate it with me. And if not -- well, I won't be available for those two days for any impromptu concerts or anything of the sort, because I will be observing the holiday.

Thank you! And remember, if you do show up -- please bring some food? And -- well, it's hard here, but try to make it kosher.

[Rachel frowns to herself.]

And not dripping in blood.

40 [Accidental Video]
♪ I'm not your ghost anymore.
[Rachel is lying on her bed, on her stomach, watching her record player carefully. A record is playing on it, though no sound is coming out just yet -- it seems to be between songs. Soon, though, the song begins, and while it is a bit scratchy, you can hear Barbra Streisand belting out her most famous number quite clearly.

Rachel is transfixed. Her fingers dig into her comforter and she leans forward, positively breathless, eyes wide as saucers. At the crescendo -- Hey, Mister Arnstein! Here I am! -- Rachel draws in a sharp breath, pushing herself up onto her hands, as if Barbra had just walked into her room. When the song is complete, Rachel is grinning a grin that could light a thousand suns and she swings her legs over the edge of her bed, slippered feet hitting the baseboard, as she carefully lifts the record in front of her.]

Funny Girl...

[Her brow furrows and she reaches for another album -- this one a lot more worn and patched in places, but she places it on the record player anyway, carefully adjusting it until it begins in the middle of a song. Her breath catches in her throat and Rachel immediately moves the needle, finding the beginning of the number, her fingers trembling. As the song restarts, her expression changes from pure joy to something a lot more heartbreaking -- and tears begin to roll down her cheeks, unbeknownst to her, and her breath grows a lot more shallow as she tries to catch her breath. It only takes a line or two for Rachel to remove the record from the player once more, not able to listen to the entire number. She runs her fingers over the grooves of the record before she lays it in her lap, frowning down at her pink pajama bottoms. The event hadn't bothered her much before, but -- to gain such a reaction out of a song and not even know where it came from --

That is disconcerting.]

... I feel like I should -- I should know.

[It's mumbled.]

Why don't I know?

39 [Text]
♪ Guess this means you're sorry.
Les Miserables, written by Victor Hugo. It was originally published in French, in the year 1862. It captures the spirit of the French people, in the way that only Victor Hugo could manage. Some parts of the novel are long and tedious, but the strength and charisma of the characters shine through even through the darkest times.

In 1980, it was played for the first time in Paris as a musical. In 1985, the English adaptation was performed in London. In 1987, it opened on the Great White Way, and has been played there, to sold-out audiences, ever since.

I would like a copy of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, written in English. If anyone would be so kind as to lend me one, I would be very grateful. If I could keep it -- I can offer several books in return. I don't care what it cost. I need a copy of it. And if anyone finds a recording of the original Broadway soundtrack -- or any soundtrack -- I would give anything for it. It is only important that the numbers Do You Hear The People Sing? and Red & Black are functioning properly for now.

I also require assistance in becoming extremely inebriated. Preferably with someone who is not a psycho-murderer.

I would also like to see Arthur Pendragon.

38 [Video]
♪ Also angels.
[Oh, good afternoon, Adstringendum. Have one miss Rachel Berry, who is sitting outside, tying flowers into a large chain. There are already flowers tucked into her hair, but she seems intent on making more. Her puppy, Evita, is lounging at her side, half-asleep in the sunlight, but Rachel doesn't seem bothered enough to wake her up.

And did we mention that million dollar Miss America smile?]

Hello, Adstringendum!

[It's positively sung -- and Rachel looks towards the camera.]

I know that, lately, a lot of horrible things have happened -- people have died, been tortured, and other such horrific things that truly have no place in a civilized society. However, I believe we can all get past this with grace -- which is why I have a number of suggestions in order to make life here slightly easier and well -- better.

For starters, I believe we could all start by working on the tiniest amount of self-control. This will be difficult, but I have full faith we can all manage admirably with the support and well-being of our fellow man.

I also think we could all get together this week and try to get to know one another a bit better. We are all living here -- and I think we could all begin to act like one big cohesive family, as we should be! Perhaps we could have a picnic -- and we could all share wonderful and marvelous things about ourselves, like our talents, or our favorite foods, or what we like the most about the city! We all have things we enjoy doing, so we should share them!

And maybe we could also have something of a fair! My favorite part of this time of year is when all of the fresh fruits and vegetables come in and my dads would take me to the fair every year and let me eat whatever I wanted, because as I live in Ohio, there is not much option to eating unique delicacies that are not friend, and the majority of things fried are in an animal by-product -- which reminds me, does anyone know how to make tofu? I bet we could find soy beans and -- I would love hummus, has anyone ever had that before? Chick peas are delicious.

[She drapes her flower chain around the neck of Evita, who stretches with a yawn, and Rachel grins down at the puppy.]

I could even put on a performance for later in the day -- something to capture the bright and cheerful atmosphere! Bright and cheerful, bright and cheerful... Oh! I have it!

[She pulls the puppy up onto her hindlegs, and Evita blinks at her, before Rachel starts to sing, almost nose-to-nose with the mutt.]

If you wake up and don't want to smile, if it takes just a little while -- open your eyes and look at the day! You'll see things in a different way!

[Evita barks, and Rachel hugs the puppy.]

Don't! Stop! Thinking about tomorrow, don't! Stop! It'll soon be here -- it'll be better than before -- yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone --

[Don't mind her. She's just going to keep singing to her puppy and building flower chains until someone tells her to shut up. And even then, Rachel will probably keep going.]

37 [Video]
♪ You'll get by.
I feel like Ariel -- !

[That proclamation is accompanied by Rachel Berry, who flashes her brilliantly colored tail -- which has a rainbow assortment of scales, sparkling in the light of the water -- in front of the camera with a laugh. She looks happier than she has in days -- Blaine and his Disney ambush seems to have done the trick to break her out of her reluctant funk of finding out her future.]

This certainly could be worse, couldn't it? But -- business is business! And even though I am part-fish, I am still a professional, so I would like to offer all of you the opportunity to learn from me.

[Rachel flicks the PCD upward through the water with her tail before catching it, spinning around in the water, her hair flying, before she settles in a bed of coral with a grin.]

I want to teach people how to sing, how to dance, how to play piano -- and while I've had moderate success with a few select individuals, I would like to extend the offer to everyone who would like to learn. I expect nothing in return, just your presence, and a determination to succeed.

[Rachel pauses before she becomes slightly more serious.]

After all, without a bright spot in the day, we have nothing to truly work for, right?

[She flashes a bright smile before the PCD shuts off -- well, for most people.]

[Filtered to Jesse // Private // Unhackable]Collapse )

36 [Accidental Video]
♪ What part-a-party don't you understand
[Rachel is at a booth -- specifically, a game of skee ball. The wooden ball is clutched in her hands and she looks woefully unsure of herself. However, the individual running the stand encourages her to take a shot, and so Rachel does, the ball racing along the wooden track to sink neatly into the outmost ring, earning Rachel a tiny beaded bracelet.

Her jaw sets into a scowl at the small prize before she slides another smooth stone towards the operator, earning another wooden ball. She takes another shot, but it goes awry, and it lands once more in the lowest scoring ring. She earns another gaudy piece of costume jewelry and the operator of the booth seems to tell Rachel to try something else, but Rachel Barbra Berry is on a mission now.

The feed continues for at least twenty minutes -- Rachel pushing another stone forward and earning another ball. She gets a heap of small prizes -- plastic rings, tiny stuffed mice, a pencil with a rabbit eraser on it -- but eventually, Rachel lines up, and sinks the wooden ball in the direct center, on her very last stone, to earn a prize of her choice.

She selects a blue bear with a star on his stomach instantly, accepting the bear and her prizes -- which the operator has put into a bag for her -- with the first bright smile she has worn in at least a week. She holds up the bear, to inspect it, and her smile turns slightly watery, but she puts on a brave face all the same, before she speaks to the booth operator.]

Gold stars are my thing, you know. I sign my name with a gold star -- because gold stars are a metaphor, and metaphors are very important. They're a metaphor for me being a star.

[She pauses before she hugs the bear to her chest, ignoring the operator's lack of interest in her statement in favor of smiling to herself.]

I think I've forgotten that, lately.

[She beams at the operator before wandering off, taking up her PCD, with her Care Bear, after tossing a friendly:]

Thank you!

[Over her shoulder with a hum as she moves to the next ride.]

35 [Accidental Voice/Text]
♪ Get it right.
[There is a tinkling of piano -- a few stray notes -- a few casual scales -- before Rachel tries to sing softly to herself. It's obvious that she's crying. Her breath keeps hitching as she tries to hold back sobs, but Rachel, being Rachel, tries anyway.

The opening chords should be pretty familiar to anyone who has any taste in theatre who knows Rachel.]

Oh, my man I love him so -- he'll never know... all my life is just despair, but I don't care...when he takes me in his arms, the world is bright... alright...

[Her breath hitches and Rachel abruptly stops singing, drawing in a shaky breath, before she tries to continue -- but it just ends in another sob and the feed shuts off abruptly.

There is, however, a text sent afterwards.]

Jesse went home.

34 [Accidental Video] Forwarded to early morning.
♪ Another one bites the dust.
[Rachel is sitting on the steps of Solve, outside, holding a beat up acoustic guitar. It is a little big for her -- as are most things in Adstringendum, save for the clothes that Kurt managed to hem and tailor for her to fit her small frame -- but she manages it well enough. She carefully picks through the strings, frowning as she tunes it, her head tilted to listen to each note carefully. Apparently, it isn't to her satisfaction -- Rachel looks displeased as she fiddles with the strings before, finally, she beams.]

Oh, finally -- now...

[Rachel frowns to herself in concentration as she tries to remember a certain chord, just to test out her tuning and stringing job. She strums the guitar gently, singing something softly to herself, before she picks a song, brow knit in focus as she plays. There are a couple mistakes -- Rachel is only a recent fan of classic rock, after all -- but she manages pretty well -- and just when she opens her mouth to sing the first verse of the song --


Two strings snap and whip across Rachel's fingers, causing her to nearly drop the guitar in surprise as the ugly sound echoes. She immediately shakes out her hand, tears welling in her eyes at the cut, before she glares down at the guitar.]

That was unnecessary -- ow --

[And the PCD cuts off at Rachel shaking out her hand, blood dribbling down her fingers.]

33 [Video]
♫ Don't you want me baby?
[There is only the briefest flash of dark brown hair as Rachel Berry turns on the PCD and races through the aisles to the stage of the theatre that she has been renovating -- and re-renovating. It appears most of it is cleaned up, from the flood, though there is still some obvious damage... but the stage is clear, which is all that really matters. For a moment, all is quiet, until two figures appear on the stage -- Blaine Anderson and Rachel Berry.

It’s Rachel that speaks first, clasping our hands together with a bright and cheery grin, her voice carrying perfectly throughout the stage.]

Excuse me! It has come to our attention that many of you have been struck deaf, blind, and dumb from this recent event, which has apparently transformed all of you into perfectly normal and defenseless human beings. While I am certain this is a tragedy for most of you, it is actually quite the relief to most of us -- so, without further ado, Blaine and I would like to dedicate this performance to the normal people of the city who can finally get a good night’s sleep.

[And she clears her throat.]

Oh, to be human again!Collapse )

32 [Voice]
♫ I have been changed for good.
[There is the faintest tinkling of piano through the feed, forming the beginning of the finale to one of the best Broadway musicals of all time -- well, if you ask her anyway. A well-trained ear will be able to hear uneven breathing, very faintly -- but it stops, soon enough, as Rschel begins to sing.]

I'm limited...

[The quickest inhale of breath, as Rachel forces herself to speak the lines that melt in between the beautiful melodies of the song.]

Just look at me -- I'm limited...and just look at you, you can do all I couldn't do...Glinda...so now it's up to you... For the both of us. Now it's up to you...

[There is the slightest hitch of breath, as Rachel continues to play -- the moment of hesitation quickly being glossed over as Rachel begins to sing Glinda's role.]

I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason...bringing something we must learn and we are led to those that help us most to grow -- if we let them... and we help them in return...well, I don't know if I believe that's true -- but I know I'm who I am today, because I knew you...like a comet pulled from orbit as it passes a sun... like a stream that meets a boulder halfway through the wood... who can say if I've been changed for the better? But because I knew you... I have been changed for good...

[The piano playing becomes more emphatic, stronger, more passionate, and when Rachel sings the next piece of the song, there is something very different about her voice. It is stronger, passionate -- it is the perfect fit -- because Rachel has reached Elphaba's piece of the famous duet and this is the role that she belongs in.]

It may well be that we will never meet again in this lifetime... so let me say before we part -- so much of me is made from what I learned from you -- you'll be with me, like a handprint on my heart -- and now whatever way our stories end -- I know that you have re-written mine by being my friend --

[Her voice chokes, ever so slightly, at the tail-end of the last note -- but Rachel is a professional and she sings through it bravely, not skipping a beat, despite her error.]

Like a ship that's blown from mooring by a wind off the sea -- like a seed dropped by a skybird in a distant wood -- who can say if I've been changed for the better? But because I knew you, I have been changed for good --

[A brief silence, as Rachel plays, before she delivers the next words with such emotion and heartbreak that it's almost entirely believable that she's singing on stage in front of a sold out crowd in the Gerswhin.]

And just to clear the air, I ask forgiveness for the things I've done you blame me for -- [the slightest pause, as Rachel switches roles seamlessly] -- but then I guess we know that there's blame to share -- and none of it seems to matter anymore -- !

[And her voice swells, as Rachel carries the note while playing the piano to keep up, before she sticks solely to Elphaba's role. There are numerous glitches -- singing that passionately while trying not to burst into tears is difficult, to say the least, but Rachel doesn't seem to care. Her perfectionism is lost in the moment, and she tries her best to continue with the song.]

Like a ship blown from it's mooring by a wind of the sea! Like a seed dropped by a skybird from in a distant wood! Who can say if I've been changed for the better -- ?

[And, suddenly, Rachel's voice softens, and so does the piano, into a quiet admission.]

... I do believe I have been changed for the better. And because I knew you... because I knew you... because I -- knew you... I have been changed...

[The final notes of the piece follow the last dying notes of the song as Rachel whispers the final two words.]

For good.

[There is a long silence, and it may almost appear that Rachel Berry has hung up on Adstringendum -- or that the recording was an accident -- before she continues quietly.]

Kurt Hummel has left Adstringendum.

[And the feed ends after that.]


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